MTV VMA 2006

Vords of Visdom

Poor thing for us in SEA, we could only catch VMA 2006 like 2 weeks after it was broadcast in the US. For some of you who missed out VMA 2006, you better watch the reruns cos it’s super FETCH!

Here are some of my favourite performances:

Mr Timberlake, eventhough I don’t dig his “sexy back” song, but he’s a bloody EXCELLENT PERFORMER! He’s so slick… gosh, he never fails to makes me wanna SQUEEZE HIS TOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH har har har… I sure wish that’s there’s a celebrity dance battle between JT and Usher… emm emm emm… SLAMMIN!

Hail to the DUTCHESS, DANGGGGGGG THIS GIRL HAS THE BODY!!! she might not be so great on the face category but she sure gets my vote on the HOTTEST BODY EVER category.

Her hips don’t lie, shake that thing miss shakira, your hips make feel naughty…

Miss Beyonce… HOT HOT HOT! got all the sirens to proof that she’s steamin hot and she burnt the place down!

When you feel bored running on the treadmill in the gym, you might want to try out what these guys did, all you need to do is just take three of your friends and hit the treadmill… DANG… they’re so good! it’s all done LIVE everybody! So you must give it to them for all the correct timing! I just want to keep them in a tank and put them in my room for my lifetime entertainment =) Go Go OK Go! (ok that was cheesy… i just had to do it)


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