My Last Day in Jakarta


Vords of Visdom

I’m heading back to Singapore tonight. My friend meta came down to say goodbye and to visit my parents as well. Good luck yah met, my prayers and hope for you babe! Am sure it’ll be great and you’ll be very happy!

We went for lunch at this burger joint at Barito. Bad service, not so great food. Not recommended! I went to Pasar Mayestik to customized some of the pants that I bought yesterday. Need to cut the lengths cos they are too long. Then I went back and continue packing…. I hate packing especially at the end of a holiday. It’s like so anticlimactic. Shizz I’m still sick too…

Anyway it’s been a very eventful holiday, plus there’s a sense of closure this time around. I’m glad that everything went well and I’m sure everything will work out for the best for me. The Viatch has left Indonesia. PEACEEEEEEEEE OUTTTTTTT


I had a QUICKIE!!!… not that kind of Quickie!


Vords of Visdom

Today I went to Bandung with my ‘brudder’ Ito, it’s a city at West Java where there’s good food and lots of Factory Outlet that you can shop those original GAP, Esprit, Guess, and Old Navy clothes from.


It was an impromptu decision, we only decided to go on Friday. He wanted to go and shop for his toy car collections and I went to replenish my wardrobe, hehehe. So we left Jakarta at 7 am and reach Bandung at 9 am. Went for breakfast and I felt funky in my stomach… YIKES, I had diarrhea!!! Too much chili and junk food for the past one week. And my cough and flu is bloody worst now!


But I didn’t really feel it cos I was excited about the trip!

We only visited 2 Factory outlet, which was enough for me to buy four new pants, 2 polo shirts, one t-shirt, 3 shirts and one jacket. Hehehe…

Ito also bought all the toy cars he wanted… so mission accomplished. This toy car stores is pretty exclusive, not everybody can go upstairs. You have to know the owner first to be able to shop there, and let me tell you, it’s a worth it exclusivity! I went up there and I was in awe and I am not even a collector! All the toy cars are rare collections and they all are so cool, you can see the interior details and also the machine details. No wonder Ito went gaga over them! He bought lots of toy cars and he actually spent more money on shopping than I did:)


We went back to Jakarta at 2 pm and we reach Jakarta at around 4.30 pm. We had late lunch at Ayam Suharti. Really good fried chickin. Highly recommended! But the diarrhea still haunted me. So I went to the doctor and went to sleep directly. Hope I’ll be better tomorrow, cos It’s time for me to go back to reality… It’s time for me to go back to my second home, Singapore.


Gw banci Karoke (I’m a karaoke freak)


Vords of Visdom

DANG!!! I’ve forgotten how hard it is to wake my bro’ n sis’ up!!! They are undeniably LAZY ARSE MOTHA FOCKA!!! hahaha, but I heart em anyway, what can I do, I can’t throw them away just because their lazy can’t I? hmmmm 😉

Vita and I went to Carrefour Ambassador for our family’s monthly shopping. We bought a lot of household stuff like detergent, soap etc… bought a few dvds afterwards and a MP3 compilation.

Then we picked Vano up for Lunch. We went to a Sundanese restaurant, Rumah Makan Ampera, somewhere around Bintaro area. Good food, and had lots of chili. Hahaha… I think I had too much good food and it’s never going to end well, hehehe. Nevermind, I won’t be coming back till next year anyway.




Later that night, we went out for some soul healing session at a Karaoke place call “Happy Puppy” at Fatmawati. It’s a very nice place. The nicest one I’ve been so far. Good sound system, extensive music videos, but not original music videos though. The most fun part is, after each song, there will be a score to judge whether you did the song justice or not. It’s not really accurate, but it’s kind of fun to see whet;s your score. Oja, Eja, Ong, Emprit, Doni, Riska, Mas DODDY, Vita, Vina, Yano and Ruri were there. It’s full team baby! Too bad I was having a terrible sore throat and I can feel that my body temperature is rising, I’m feeling weak and my cough and flu is getting worse. Shit this ain’t good.




I’m feelin really really hot!!!


 Vords of Visdom
Nothing much happened today… I went to the dentist with my mom for my regular check up. Always make a point to see my dentist in every 6 months just to get my teeth clean up and checked.

Then went back home and played Taken with my brother and sister. My parents bought Panasonic Viera HDTV, Dang that thing looks good! Too bad Indo doesn’t have any HD channel yet but it makes my DVD viewing and Playstation game look really good. Then I literally passed out in front of the TV cos I don’t feel so good. I can feel my body temperature is rising; I’m feeling REALLY HOT. The weather doesn’t help either. Bloody 41′ C!!! Coughing and Flu starts to bug me. Shite! Feelin fawkin awful!


I went out with Fitri, Desi,
Meta and Mela to Taman Anggrek for some dinner. Met up with Anggie and Anis as well.  I did a little shopping…  Ok I bought two pair of shoes, one pair of airwalk and another pair of spalding. They are cheap, bought both for Rp 270.000,- which is around S$50. good buy baby!!!

Then went back to Desi’s place for a really long talk. I miss talking to her. Haven’t seen her in ages too. She moved to Surabaya for work. She has changed and become a better person… more independent and more self confident. You go girl!


My flu and cough is getting worse… I better rest tonight, going for karaoke with my Hos, the ancurs tomorrow.

We’re Absolutely Peachy =)


Vords of Visdom

Went to visit my lil’ bro’s ex-girlfriend’s family with Vano and Vita. Tante Nining is a cool woman and we respect her. So I told my brother that he should go and see her and her daughter of course. They have a really cozy place in Bintaro. I fell in love with one of her paintings. It’s a Balinese women painting. I love the color and it just lifts me up whenever I see it. Really cool painting, never did ask her how much it cost her, neh…. I could never afford it.





Then we went to Pondok Indah Mall II for lunch. Had sushi at Sushi Tei. After all the coconut milk food, we wanted something else that is mild and easy to digest… besides I miss sushi… haven’t had it in a month since fasting month started.


Met up with my bff, Mbak Ika there too. I haven’t seen her in years! But she’s one of those people whom I can always confide too and we just click again every time we meet up. It’s like we’ve never been separated at all. I remember growing up with her. She’s always has a good heart and she’s one of the smartest people I’ve met in my life. She went to the states for high school and uni and stayed there for 10 years. And by the time she came back to Jakarta, I had started my life here in Singapore, but she has always been my sista and will always be one. It’s good to meet up with her again.



We went back home and I helped mom prepared dinner for my bitchess the ancurs. The girls came down to my place every year during Hari Raya. It’s sort of our ritual. We always have my mom’s famous chicken noodles and meat balls, and also her delicious chocolate pudding for dessert. Oja and Ito also came by. Piping, emprit, Ito and I had a few drinks and went really really happy that night… hehehe. Piping and Emprit stayed over, didn’t talk much cos we were really, really high. Hehehe… I partied too hard… I know, but it’s hard to control myself cos I’m so ecstatic to finally meet up with my friends and family again…




hlf-copy.jpg hlf-2-copy.jpg 25102006132.jpg

Time to go to bed and sleep off the boozeeeeee



Second day of Hari Raya Idul Fitri


Vords of Visdom

Selamat Hari Raya for those who celebrate it today!!!

Shit I felt worse today! My throat is really hurtin’. I’m bloody weak, I know, but I don’t know why, I always fell sick when I go back to Indo… it sucks!!!

So I drank lots of warm water and sweat it out a bit. Felt better after a few hours.

I had to go for my father’s side family gathering at Plumpang. We went there around 12 pm and we had some of my Uak Metel’s famous Belado Daging. Dang… she sure knows how to cook Belado man! Met up with my Nephews: Vino and his brother Yano, my cousin Kak Yori’s sons, Naja and Nayo, my cousin Kak Lani’s sons and the WWF kid, Bang Dolly’s kid Adil. Hmmm too many testosterones in my family nowJ Hopefully me and my sister can balance that by having girls… someday:d




I went back with my sister and brother, while my Mama and Papa went to our house at Cisalak. I had to go and visit my friends. We went to Meta’s place for some original Padang food! It’s delicious, she and her mom cooked Sayur Nangka, Opor Ayam, Sambel Goreng ati and Rendang. Yummeh… shit….. not good for my throat all right!!!


I planned to go to Eja’s place afterwards but had to cancel cos my throat is getting worse, so I opted to stay at home instead and asked my bro and sis to buy take out for us. The good thing about being the eldest is you always have your kid sis or bro to do things for you… sometimes, most of the time they rely on you to tell them how to do things. The perks of being a big sister I guess. But I love those two no matter what! Going off to bed early tonight. I have to be fit for tomorrow cos lots of things going to happen tomorrowJ Watch out for it. Nite nite…


Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri y’all!!!


Vords of Visdom

My Eyang Kakung (grandpa in Javanese) from my mama’s side is a Muhammadiah follower and we follow Eyang Kakung and Muhammadiah celebrates Hari Raya today, and so do we. The government still set Tuesday as the Hari Raya day so some of Indonesians celebrate it today and some will only celebrate it tomorrow. Weird? I know, but it’s just the way it is in Indonesia. They sure like to have divided opinions in everything!


So me, tante Titiek, Cindy, Mama, Papa, Vano, Eyang Kakung and Eyang Putri, went to Jalan Limau for Sholat Eid (Hari Raya Prayer) and we went to Almarhuma Eyang Putri’s (grandma in Javanese) grave afterwards. It’s a ritual thing that we do every year after Sholat Eid. My Eyang Kakung remarried with my current Eyang Putri after my grandma died. My Eyang Kakung is about 90 years old now. I never really noticed that he’s really old until I really take a look at him today. He lost so much weight and became so scrawny. He is no longer the scarry grandpa that I used to know. He once dragged me you know for cycling around my block. Cos last time there were a lot of buses going around my block, he was actually looking after me but he really dragged my on his left hand and dragged my bicycle on his right hand. That experience really traumatized me and I’m scared of my Eyang Kakung ever since! And he is really traditional minded and very religious. Now, he is really old and still has his pride and refused other people to help him walk. Hehehe he became a grumpy old man who has short fuse and can get angry really fast.


Anyway we went back home and got ready for my extended family from my Mama’s side, gathering. It’s a real emo moment where everybody gives a religious speech and where the old try to instill religion, kindness and forgiveness inside our young mind and heart. It’s the time for us, children, seek forgiveness to our parents for whatever wrong we did throughout the year.



And afterwards, the good old’ Hari Raya feast begun! We had Ketupat, Opor Ayam, Sambel Goreng Ati, My mommy’s famous mie ayam. It’s so good to have these once a year meal together!





At night my long time best friend, Ito came down to meet up with me and my family. We talked craps for a while and then I went to his house and met up with his family. Talked cock for a while with his sister and him. Mbak Ina is sooo preggie right now like it’s going to be burst any minute now:) can’t wait to welcome her lil’ baby boy to the world!



I felt my throat is hurting already, and I know I’m in deep shit. I get sick easily when I didn’t have enough rest. I was sick on Friday and took an MC. I had a fever that night, couldn’t sleep at all… I hope I feel better tomorrow!