Just went to watch Scoop. I heart Woody Allen, he is an annoyingly funny lil’ man! He gave the best lines in the movie and his constant rambling is just hilarious! Luckily he didn’t romance Scarlett Johansson in the movie, it would be just wrong, just like Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba in Sin City…. errhhh still gives me the chill whenever I think about it:d

Scarlett and Hugh Jackman are sexy beasts!!! Their performance were okay, but Woody stole most of the scenes… it wouldn’t have hurt if Scarlett and Jackman had had shown more skin:) but then again it would have been a totally different movie all together:d it would be a porn flick and The title would be “Scope” and they will be very creative in using different type of scopes:d i know, i know… I’m sick! hehehe

Definitely a funny movie for people who like dark humour and Woody Allen’s flicks.


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