Vords of Visdom

OK… I have a confession… I hate hairy body, so I like to keep every part of my body hairless… except my head of coz:) Hence BRAZILIAN wax has become a habit of mine;) Don’t get me wrong, I get nervous everytime I go for my session, but I go to a very good and private place call STRIP with a very great waxer, Amy. I always go to its Holland V branch cos Amy’s stationed there. She’s da best, if you ever want to try Brazilian Wax, I totally recommend you to go and do it with her! But I heard she’s moving to The Cathay’s branch, so I’m going there next month!


When people say you’ll get used to the pain, they are so fawking lying! Hahaha… The pain won’t go away when you’re lying there butt nakid and your palms are sweaty and you feel the wax applied on your: V for Vagina! HARHARHAR… corny… I know, but I just had to do it! You won’t get numb, but you’ll get used to the pain. It won’t be painless, but you’re not surprised factor is gone:) I have to bring my lil’ towel everytime, to prevent me from screaming and make Strip customers run away;) After the first pull, you kinda know what you’re gettin’ yourself into! Besides it’s so fast, around 20 minutes and after it’s all done… YOU FEEL SO FAWKIN LIBERATED… like a newborn baby:d So you better try it at least once in your life right??? =)

After my session, I went to town to do my recce. It was a hawt day, but not as hawt as saturday! I met up with Gani for lunch there, since she’s going to church in town. I wanted to try the last Indo resto’ that I haven’t tried yet, Resto Surabaya. Mel said the fried fish is great, but Gani wanted to have the barbecue fish. So we ordered that and Kangkong, and I also wanted to try their Rawon (beef stew). We ordered their fresh squeezed orange juice for our drinks.


Resto Surabaya is owned by the same guy who owns Ayam Penyet Ria chain at Joo chiat and Lucky Plaza (I found out that besides the one on 4th floor, Ayam Penyet opens a new branch on the first floor, somewhere in the corner of Lucky Plaza) and Es Teler 77 at Far East Plaza. Unfortunately, the food that we ordered at Resto Surabaya weren’t as good as the two restos!!!


The Rawon was OK, but the soup can be a lil’ bit thicker but the beef was good (the one at Ayam Penyet, the soup was WAYYY too thick!!!) . THE GRILLED FISH SUCKSSSSSSSS!!! It’s not fresh at all, and it looks like it was fried and given the barbecue sauce on top of it. The taste was OK but just passable to eat and not satisfying! Gani went to eat at Ayam Bakar Ojolali and tried their grilled fish and she said it was good! And believe me it’s hard to satisfy Gani’s taste in food:) The Kangkong is even worse! It tasted weird, not recommended at all!!! The freshly squeezed orang juice is also tasteless! Much more ice than the orange juice itself! Blahhhhhhh… I was disappointed y’all, I thought it;s going to be great. I didn’t want to try their fried fish, cos as y’all know, anything that is fried is good:d So the tricky part is to make good grilled fish! The person who sat next to me had grilled chickin’ it looks like it’s grilled; that’s why Gani and I was wondering how come our fish doesn’t even look like it was grilled, no burnt mark existing on our fish, it just looks pale:(


And the service wasn’t that great either, I know Sundays at Lunch are their busiest day, butttttt it doesn;t mean you give bad service, right! I don’t see them doing the extra mile to serve their customers. The guy who showed us to our table was the owner of Resto Surabaya. He was quick to give us a table, i applaud that, but then he practically threw our cutlery on to our table. Gani and I looked at each other and smile… DANG that was strike one… but they made up for it with the Rawon, but then the grilled fish and kangkong came and that was strike two and three:) AND IT’S OUT!!!

Verdict: I’m sorry to say but I wouldn’t go back again. I’ll stick to Ayam Penyet and Ayam Bakar Ojolali!!!



  1. Yo.. gospel according to viatch!

    hope you’re feeling better these days..

    gdness, I don’t come here for a week and I’m scrolling for miles!
    thanks for posting the piccys and review of hotness.

    also. we need to ayam penyetttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. Carefull with unfresh fishy fish…
    I have experience bad diarhea for 3 days because of unfresh crispy fried gurameeee

    Now, I’m going to eat some rawon …

  3. Harro Farah, I’m getting into the work mode:)
    Yes need to go for ayam penyet soon!

    My tummy felt a lil’ bit funky afterwards but didn’t experience diarrhea… thank god for that! but never ever going to that place actually:)

  4. i like the sea food mainly the chinese and indo

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