I’m off to Vietnam

Yo peeps… It has been my housemate, Gani, and my dream to travel to Vietnam. We’re finally doing it! We’re leaving tomorrow morning. We’re going up north to Hanoi first where we’re going to visit Halong Bay and Sapa, afterwards we’re heading to Central Vietnam: Hue and Hoi An, then our last stop is Ho Chi Min City… So I probably won’t have time to blog, I’ll update the blog once I come back… which is in another 12 days:)

I am SOOOOO EXCITED… this holiday is gonna FETCH big time!!! :d

Ciao Singapore… see you next year:) Hope you guys have a great holiday, a merry Christmas and a SMASHIN NEW YEAR party!!!

I heart you



Farewell JLo


Vords of Visdom

JLO is leaving for Shanghai for one year… maybe more!!! So we all went out… it’s the usual suspects: Me, Sharon, Jefissa, Sze Yong, JLo with additional stars like Jeremy and Cui. Cui just came back for a holiday from London, She’s taking her PHD… Welcome back Dr SU!!! She looks good… very gothic-London Style. Too bad stel was not with us, but am sure she’s having a good time in Shanghai… soon JLo will join her there… and we’ll come for a visit! JLo homey, this one is for ya!!!

At first we went to Timbre, but there was a private function there so we changed venue to Paulaner Brauhaus at Millenia Walk, the larger beer is good there! And their finger food is great as well… the band is not bad at all… the singer rawk the house when she sings “Sweet Child O’ Mine” Awesome redention!!!






We goof off for quite a bit till around 1 am and then we all went back… and then the funniest thing happened to us! When we came down, we parked somewhere inside Millenia Walk and walked out through the mall… and when we wanted to go in from the same entrance, we couldn’t cos the mall is closed. So we tried to find our way in from the Hotel… and we went around and around and around… and we still couldn’t find her car!!! After 30 minutes of gooving around and walking in and out Millenia Walk, the hotel and even went back to Paulaner, we finally found it!!! Dang that was funny… when we saw the T’Bear Xmas tree for the second we knew we were in the scene of “Dude Where’s My Car” and deserve a comic strip blog=)


Weekend in Batam


Vords of Visdom

YUUUHUUUU how y’all doin??? Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch… work has been tough and I didn’t have time to update this blog… nuff’ said, lets roll shall we???

Last weekend (8-10 Dec ‘ 06) I went for a company trip to Batam, there were about 40 of us inclusive of a maid, the boss’ kid and some guests… I wasn’t that excited cos of all the company meetings and discussions that we hadto do, but they combined it with some team building games, so I thought it couldn’t be that bad:)

We stayed at Turi Beach Resort and it was beautiful! We didn’t have that much time to enjoy it cos 60% the time we were stucked inside the meeting room:( but when we’re out… we went nuts:)


We had performances, which was funny, cos they divided us into 5 teams, and each team had to do an impromptu performance… and each team will score points which in the end of the trip, they will calculate who’s going to win… unfortunately, my team lost this round, but we had time performing:)



We played tug of war, throw the eggs, canoeing, scavenger hunt and paint ball… those team building games, it was fun!!! cos all of us are competitive so it was funny how each team try to tackle each other:d Once all the meetings and team building games’ done… it’s time to really have fun, we went karaoke! as you know am a karaoke nutcase so I really put out a show that night, along with my colleagues of coz:)


On the last night, we had some seafood outside the resort, the resto is called “Kelong Seafood”, it was good. After dinner they had this little “Mr and Ms Mega Biatch” contest and of course, being a shameless biatch, I shamelessly campaigned for me, myself and I… and of course I won. A new colleague of ours, Harry from Hong Kong, won Mr Mega Biatch, he’s also a very sporting person:) Lil’ did we know that there’s a prize for us… each of us won a new Ipod SHUFFLE!!! It’s the cutest thing y’all!!! My Ipod died about a month ago, so I was thinking of buying a new one… I can put that thought on hold now:) But I had to pay for the prize… they made me sing along with the Live Band!!! I sang I will survive, I must say, I kinda enjoyed peforming with a live band:)



Overall it was a fun but tiring experience… my body was aching like mad cos all of the gruesome games that we had to play, they are very physical! Plus the fact that I got shot on my left arm when we played paint ball… the bruise didn’t go away and it’s been a week now!!! I got to know my colleagues better and they are really fun people! No stuck ups in my office… hey I’M DA ONE AND ONLY DIVA in the office and NO ONE can replace this Viatch:)

Nite y’all

Halal food court at IMM


Vords of Visdom


It’s time for our monthly grocery shopping at Giant – IMM. We had a late lunch at the Halal food court there and got a lil’ bit suspicious cos the name of the halal food court is “Bagus” and the logo really looks like “Banquet” – the established halal food court chain in Singapore. Turns out Bagus is run by Banquet’s management, no wonder they look the same. But I like IMM’s Bagus decoration cos it looks really classy.


I had a Sirloin steak, it ain’t so good, but Cheeleng’s chicken cutlet’s really good and tasty… but then again anything’s deep fried is always good:) and Imelda had minced chickin meat noodle… it’s really good! I definitely will try this food court again the next time we’ll go there!


Very Peppery Crab @ Joo Chiat Place


Vords of Visdom

Even though I was still dead tired from last night but I couldn’t resist Mich’s offer to go for Black Pepper Crabs at Joo Chiat Place- along the former Telok Kurau Camp’s side. It’s a hawker type of resto, in the opposite you can see a halal Indian resto.


Even though mich already reserved the crabs, but we still had to wait for about 40 minutes for our seats! It’s THAT GOOD and SUPER CROWDED! We could only drooled everytime they brought the freshly cooked BPC out! We ordered 5 BPC, Yau Char Kwey, spicy chickin wings and some kailan…


The food speaks for itself… IT’S SO GOOD!!! We all went SILENT when the food came and just enjoyed our crabs! It was funny how we are so comfortable sitting there eating without saying a single word until we almost finished our crabs! hahaha…



We were so full afterwards!!! EXCELLENT FOOD!!! WeiKeng had to go to Zouk for some DJ interview and Dawn had to go back to the office to finish up some work, So Chimeng, Mich and I went to Velvet for some drinks while waiting for Wei Keng to finish up her interview. We had a beer and a shot and we couldn’t stop yawning! We were damned tired! So we decided to leave early, before 12 midnight. But Dawn’s stuff was still with me, so we went to her office for a while and stayed there to hang out for about half an hour. I was dead tired! I showered and went straight to bed when I got home… And I had a really good night sleep… woke up with a smile on my “this is no accident” face:)



The weekend came early this week


Vords of Visdom

Alrighty it’s Thursday and I’M GONNA PARTY!!! Met up with Stel, J-Lo, Jefissa, Sze Yong and Alice at Indochine Wisma Atria for some drinks and well… talk cock. Stel is leaving Singapore for Shanghai on Tuesday and she won’t be back till February… I’m kinda sad, Stel is like my ‘Indo Protege’. She’s been living in Singapore since she was 5 years old and goes back occasionally to Indo to visit her mom, but she doesn’t really have Indo friends there so her Indo Slan kinda suck… that’s where I came in; to teach her all the bad Indo words and Indo slang that I can think of! Har har har… A good student she is, Missing her I will!!! I got to give it up to her though, it takes a lot of guts to live everything that you’re accustomed to behind and start a new live in Shanghai, but I guess if you have someone you love right by your side, I think you can conquer anything in this world! Good luck Stel. Jangan lupa kirim email yah, Gw pasti bakal kangen banget sama elu! Baek2 yah, jangan cepet marah ama laki’ lu:) Take care gurlfriend! Moga2 kita jadi ke Bandung bareng bulan Februari!!!


There goes one-half of the HAWTEST Indo babes in Singapore!!! Har har har

Not only that… JLo the Ho is moving to Shanghai as well in January!!! HUAAAA JLOOOOOO my beer kaki!!! My sweet JLo, I hope everything goes well for you out there man! We’re going to throw you a HUGE farewell party, and you better be able to make it K! Remember dude, self confidence is the key, just look like you know what you’re talking about, don’t give ’em no sotong look K! The first impression lasts forEva! So go and KICK Some Shanghai’s ARSE!!! I promise I’ll visit you once you’ve settled down and we’ll parteeeeeeee!!!


I had a real refreshing Appletini, not bad at all! I heart it! It made me relax after a long… day! And of course a dose of my good friends made me feel even better! There’s my 4EvA man whore, Sze Yong… you can always count on Sze Yong to pop by even though I know he’s so fawkin busy, not only he’s my whore, he’s also the office’s whore… he got lot of shizzz to write!!! ESPECIALLY ON FRIDAY NIGHTS!!! Hence, he’s ALWAYS late… poor boy, but he seems to enjoy what he’s doing, and that counts the most!


And there’s my girl Alice, she’s a bit tired tonite so she didn’t talk much, but having her there with us after missing some of our outings cos of some family engagement, made it feel like old time… the only one missing was our dear girl Sharon cos she’s flying tonight.


And of course, there’s the love of my life… Jefissa:) Mel is living for the Phillipines for Church work and Jeffy is living for Jakarta on Friday! I won’t be seeing ’em till the 11th. Dang I’m gonna miss my weekly dose of Jefissa! =) And DANG I tot I’m gonna Pop Jeff’s Cherry and be the first person to bring him to Jakarta;) I really hope that we all can go to Jakarta in February for CNY! Crossing my fingers for it to really happen!


We didn’t stay that long at Indochine and left at about 11 pm, so I called Sharynn up and checked whether they were going to MTV’s hip hop party at MOS that night. Turned out they were there already so I went there for some dancin’ cos I was not ready for the night to end just yet.


The music sucked when I got there and I tot… fawk, I’m going home at 12, but then… something happened… the DJ came to his senses and played some really good hip hop music… so we started dancing… and continue drinking… you know how it goes… And then when the classic hip hop shakers like Jump Around was on, we all went NUTS! Even Sharynn was jumping like no tomorrow!!! and she usually only moves from side to side K, so it really meant Somethin!!! And Wendy was dancin too! hahaha she’s the cutest thing! she’s a self-proclaimed badly coordinated person:) but she ain’t that bad, as a matter of fact, she’s better than half of the people there that night:)

The girls and I even went up to the “cage” podium! hahaha we would’t have done it if we weren’t WASTED!!!




We went home at around 3 am and I knew that I’m gonna feel like fawk when I wake up in the morning… It’ true… I woke up with a bad head ache and I was walking like zombie the whole day! FAWKKKKKKKK But it was worth it:)