Halal food court at IMM


Vords of Visdom


It’s time for our monthly grocery shopping at Giant – IMM. We had a late lunch at the Halal food court there and got a lil’ bit suspicious cos the name of the halal food court is “Bagus” and the logo really looks like “Banquet” – the established halal food court chain in Singapore. Turns out Bagus is run by Banquet’s management, no wonder they look the same. But I like IMM’s Bagus decoration cos it looks really classy.


I had a Sirloin steak, it ain’t so good, but Cheeleng’s chicken cutlet’s really good and tasty… but then again anything’s deep fried is always good:) and Imelda had minced chickin meat noodle… it’s really good! I definitely will try this food court again the next time we’ll go there!




  1. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep up making such exciting posts.

  2. Hi there, no of time I came to imm bagus banquet for a meal, I went straight to Fried Kway Teow stall to order a Fried hokien mee and I requested that only yellow mee instead of mixing with white me but to my shock I was told by the stall person that it cannot be done, I ask myself why cannot because other place like banquet at bt panjang Greenridge Shopping Centre had no problem with it, kindly explain to me as to why is it so,
    Thank you
    Mr Mohd

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