Weekend in Batam


Vords of Visdom

YUUUHUUUU how y’all doin??? Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch… work has been tough and I didn’t have time to update this blog… nuff’ said, lets roll shall we???

Last weekend (8-10 Dec ‘ 06) I went for a company trip to Batam, there were about 40 of us inclusive of a maid, the boss’ kid and some guests… I wasn’t that excited cos of all the company meetings and discussions that we hadto do, but they combined it with some team building games, so I thought it couldn’t be that bad:)

We stayed at Turi Beach Resort and it was beautiful! We didn’t have that much time to enjoy it cos 60% the time we were stucked inside the meeting room:( but when we’re out… we went nuts:)


We had performances, which was funny, cos they divided us into 5 teams, and each team had to do an impromptu performance… and each team will score points which in the end of the trip, they will calculate who’s going to win… unfortunately, my team lost this round, but we had time performing:)



We played tug of war, throw the eggs, canoeing, scavenger hunt and paint ball… those team building games, it was fun!!! cos all of us are competitive so it was funny how each team try to tackle each other:d Once all the meetings and team building games’ done… it’s time to really have fun, we went karaoke! as you know am a karaoke nutcase so I really put out a show that night, along with my colleagues of coz:)


On the last night, we had some seafood outside the resort, the resto is called “Kelong Seafood”, it was good. After dinner they had this little “Mr and Ms Mega Biatch” contest and of course, being a shameless biatch, I shamelessly campaigned for me, myself and I… and of course I won. A new colleague of ours, Harry from Hong Kong, won Mr Mega Biatch, he’s also a very sporting person:) Lil’ did we know that there’s a prize for us… each of us won a new Ipod SHUFFLE!!! It’s the cutest thing y’all!!! My Ipod died about a month ago, so I was thinking of buying a new one… I can put that thought on hold now:) But I had to pay for the prize… they made me sing along with the Live Band!!! I sang I will survive, I must say, I kinda enjoyed peforming with a live band:)



Overall it was a fun but tiring experience… my body was aching like mad cos all of the gruesome games that we had to play, they are very physical! Plus the fact that I got shot on my left arm when we played paint ball… the bruise didn’t go away and it’s been a week now!!! I got to know my colleagues better and they are really fun people! No stuck ups in my office… hey I’M DA ONE AND ONLY DIVA in the office and NO ONE can replace this Viatch:)

Nite y’all



  1. mega is nothing like it used to be one year ago. a staff of 40?! when did that happen?! that mr mega biatch looks cute.

    happy new year.. in vietnam!

  2. me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing ,,`

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