The night I met the Yeos


Vords of Visdom

When I met Jeffisa the other night at Cafe Del Mar, they said they were going to St James Power Station on Saturday with Jeff’s cousins… So as a true blue party girl, I invited myself to hype up their party:d. So it’s St James, two nights in a row baby! And it was awesome!!! Danced again the whole night and sweat off all the stress I had from work:)

So yes… I met Jeff’s cousins, and when he said he has a big family, the dude ain’t kiddin. From what I’ve gathered from him, his mother dad has 10 siblings, so Jeff has around 24 cousins scattered around the world, but mostly they reside in Singapore. Last night I met 4 of Jeff’s cousins: the cute Lil’ Jon from Canada, all smile Edwin who’s currently studying in Australia, Justin who is a banker and lives in Singapore – he’s dating Elaine, who’s last name is also Yeo, but they’re not really related, otherwise it will be FREAKY; and last but not least, the HAWT Dawn, she’s a banker in Singapore as well AND her boyfriend, Jonathan (top picture, in red, standing next to Dawn) is ALSO a Yeo; not directly related to her but still… HOW FREAKY IS THAT! LOL . I like ’em. I dig Close knit family who are crazy, easy going (like Jeff, is super easy… in every sense of the word… LOL) and fun! Thanks Jeffisa and the rest of the Yeos for a really fun night out!


I’ve found a fresh meat peeps! Lil’ Jon Yeo… come on up, you are Viatch’s Next Boy Toy! hahaha… he’s such a cutie, very funny. We went to Powerhouse and they play this awful house and trance music… GODDDDDDDD SERIOUSLY WANTED TO KILL MYSELF! and Lil’ Jon danced like CRUAWZY hahaha his legs movement reminds me of Denvy’s dance. oh yeah… as you can see.. just like the owner, my hat is the village’s whore.. it likes to go around:)




I’m back…

Vords of Visdom

HAPPY REALLY BELATED NEW YEAR to everyone! LOL… I’ve been back since 2nd January from Vietnam… I’ve been really busy at work and been realy lazy to update my blog. I have some cool pics that Me and Imelda took in Vietnam, haven’t had time to choose the pics yet, but I will post it, hopefully by next weekend.

But first… some gossips and pics from my very eventful weekend…

I got the invite to Cafe Del Mar‘s opening from my girl Sheryl (thank’s gurl!) and went there with my colleagues, Sharen and Eunice. Hate to admit it but the three of us are the true blue party girls… but I don’t have the energy to party on weekdays, but these bitchess could! Had tons of fun hangin’ with em all nite!


Cafe Del Mar opening was flooded with tons of thirsty people. TONS of beautiful people attended the party, and unfortunately the organizer wasn’t really prepared for the turn out… Lots of people are pissed because they had to wait A LONGGGGGGGG TIME for their drink during the free flow period, we thought afterwards it’s going to get better cos people have to pay for their drinks, so the service should be better… (pause……) NOT!!!

My girl Mel, she and her friends had to wait 45 fawkin minutes for their drinks and it still didn’t come, they’ve paid for it! So they cancel their order and requested for their money back, they had to wait another 15 min for their moneh… SHIZZZ man, I hope they’ll clean up their act, otherwise cafe del mar won’t be a success… The architectual design is nice, but nothin new, they have a swimming pool, and in-door and roof-top hang out place, by the beach huts, chairs and tables… I won’t go back there unless there’s some kind of big event that’s worth the journey. Despite there’s an sentosa express train that goes directly to Palawan beach, but you still have to take 10 minutes walk to reach Cafe Del Mar. They provided a shuttle bus service for the guests during the opening, but I’m not very sure whether they provide the service through out.


The three of us got bored and went to St James Power Station. It was my first time there and it wasn’t planned, so I was quite excited to check out what they have to offer… MAN THE PLACE IS AWESOME!!! twice better than MOS and Thrice better than ZOUK… they have LIVE BANDS!!! something that is scarce here in Singapore! We danced the whole night, club hopping from Movida (play world music) to Boiler Room (hip hop music)! Had tons of fun! SIMPLY LOVE IT! Y’all better go and check it out if you haven’t… Go to Bellini’s room for some big band, wing and jazz session and to see the HAWTEST JAZZ SINGER in town. His name is Dylan Foster. His voice is so-so but his looks make up for it! HAHAHA… I simply adore him! Go and check him and his band out on Mon-sat after 930 pm. And don’t forget to try out their Bellini drink, it’s a mix of Champagne and Peach juice. Simply DELICIOUS!