Goodbye Eyang Kakung…

Just heard a grieving news from Jakarta, My grandfather passed away today, 11 May 2005 at around 03:00 AM…. May he rest in peace…

I must say I am not really close to my Eyang Kakung (that’s Javanese for grandpa), but I know he loves me:)

I remember fondly at this particular event from my childhood… I was 5 years old and I was a naughty lil’ biatch So one afternoon after I came back from school, I decided to stroll around the neighborhood in my bicycle and visited my friend who lived around a street away from my house. So I kinda didn’t tell anybody that I’m going off and My gramps was horrified when he went home and found me and ma’ bike were missing. And there were a lot of buses passed by my area during those days.

He wasreally worried actually so He went out and did a “Lil’-Viatch hunt” wearing only his sarong and wife beater top! And I don’t know how but he managed to find me and he was horrified that he dragged me home for about two blocks! I fought for my life of course but he was bigger and stronger and he had me in his left hand and my BMX in his right hand… and during those journey to my house, I knocked my big toe nail and it broke in two! It was fawkin painful OK! My dad had to bring me to the doctor and the bid D pulled out my toenail to prevent it from infection… and I had to wear slippers to school the next day… and to make it worst, the older kids were making fun of me… So, stickin’ to my bad ass nature, I beat them all up… and the principal called my mom to school the next day! WAKAKAKKAKA… It was such a fond memory…

Goodbye Eyang Kakung, I will miss seeing you making your paper clipping at the veranda, I will miss seeing you exercising EVERY MORNING after your morning prayers without fail, I will miss your thoughtful speeches on Every Hari Raya, I will miss your jokes that you repeated every year during those speeches, and most of all I will miss your spirit in life! You are the most discipline person I’ve ever met in my life…You’ve proven to me that when you set your mind on something, as long as you work hard for it, you will and you can achieve anything in life!

You are my role model… I salute You!

Peace out!


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  1. You should plan for about 30 people. It is better to set up in the shop area. I have arranged for Gary to meet you there at 6:15. Thanks for all of Click

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