Gw banci Karoke (I’m a karaoke freak)


Vords of Visdom

DANG!!! I’ve forgotten how hard it is to wake my bro’ n sis’ up!!! They are undeniably LAZY ARSE MOTHA FOCKA!!! hahaha, but I heart em anyway, what can I do, I can’t throw them away just because their lazy can’t I? hmmmm 😉

Vita and I went to Carrefour Ambassador for our family’s monthly shopping. We bought a lot of household stuff like detergent, soap etc… bought a few dvds afterwards and a MP3 compilation.

Then we picked Vano up for Lunch. We went to a Sundanese restaurant, Rumah Makan Ampera, somewhere around Bintaro area. Good food, and had lots of chili. Hahaha… I think I had too much good food and it’s never going to end well, hehehe. Nevermind, I won’t be coming back till next year anyway.




Later that night, we went out for some soul healing session at a Karaoke place call “Happy Puppy” at Fatmawati. It’s a very nice place. The nicest one I’ve been so far. Good sound system, extensive music videos, but not original music videos though. The most fun part is, after each song, there will be a score to judge whether you did the song justice or not. It’s not really accurate, but it’s kind of fun to see whet;s your score. Oja, Eja, Ong, Emprit, Doni, Riska, Mas DODDY, Vita, Vina, Yano and Ruri were there. It’s full team baby! Too bad I was having a terrible sore throat and I can feel that my body temperature is rising, I’m feeling weak and my cough and flu is getting worse. Shit this ain’t good.





Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri y’all!!!


Vords of Visdom

My Eyang Kakung (grandpa in Javanese) from my mama’s side is a Muhammadiah follower and we follow Eyang Kakung and Muhammadiah celebrates Hari Raya today, and so do we. The government still set Tuesday as the Hari Raya day so some of Indonesians celebrate it today and some will only celebrate it tomorrow. Weird? I know, but it’s just the way it is in Indonesia. They sure like to have divided opinions in everything!


So me, tante Titiek, Cindy, Mama, Papa, Vano, Eyang Kakung and Eyang Putri, went to Jalan Limau for Sholat Eid (Hari Raya Prayer) and we went to Almarhuma Eyang Putri’s (grandma in Javanese) grave afterwards. It’s a ritual thing that we do every year after Sholat Eid. My Eyang Kakung remarried with my current Eyang Putri after my grandma died. My Eyang Kakung is about 90 years old now. I never really noticed that he’s really old until I really take a look at him today. He lost so much weight and became so scrawny. He is no longer the scarry grandpa that I used to know. He once dragged me you know for cycling around my block. Cos last time there were a lot of buses going around my block, he was actually looking after me but he really dragged my on his left hand and dragged my bicycle on his right hand. That experience really traumatized me and I’m scared of my Eyang Kakung ever since! And he is really traditional minded and very religious. Now, he is really old and still has his pride and refused other people to help him walk. Hehehe he became a grumpy old man who has short fuse and can get angry really fast.


Anyway we went back home and got ready for my extended family from my Mama’s side, gathering. It’s a real emo moment where everybody gives a religious speech and where the old try to instill religion, kindness and forgiveness inside our young mind and heart. It’s the time for us, children, seek forgiveness to our parents for whatever wrong we did throughout the year.



And afterwards, the good old’ Hari Raya feast begun! We had Ketupat, Opor Ayam, Sambel Goreng Ati, My mommy’s famous mie ayam. It’s so good to have these once a year meal together!





At night my long time best friend, Ito came down to meet up with me and my family. We talked craps for a while and then I went to his house and met up with his family. Talked cock for a while with his sister and him. Mbak Ina is sooo preggie right now like it’s going to be burst any minute now:) can’t wait to welcome her lil’ baby boy to the world!



I felt my throat is hurting already, and I know I’m in deep shit. I get sick easily when I didn’t have enough rest. I was sick on Friday and took an MC. I had a fever that night, couldn’t sleep at all… I hope I feel better tomorrow!

3 Cs Reunion


Vords of Visdom

It has been a great day today!


Pampered myself at the hair saloon and stayed there from 10 am to 3 pm! Makasih mas Kris and mbak Weni! I smoothen my hair and had a smashing hair cut. Also did pedicure and manicure. Felt so relaxed and rested.


Afterwards met up with Gani and Kiki. We both haven’t seen Kiki for more than a year! It’s so good to be back together. We all went for dinner with my family at “Pondok Ikan Bakar Ujung Pandang”, somewhere along Radio Dalam Road. We had delicious dinner of barbecue fish, squid and Kangkong, Ujung Pandang style. It’s freakin hot there cos of the smoke and no fan and Jakarta is so hot these days man! I’m sweating like a pig! Very good dinner in deed! And it’s so fun eating dinner with my family again!







22102006057.jpg 22102006059.jpg


Afterward Kiki and I wanted to show Gani “our side” of the neighborhood. She never been to “Citos – Cilandak Town Square” before, so we wanted to take her there, but along the way on Fatmawati Road I said: “Wanna go Karaoke?” then Kiki said “Lucu juga” So I quickly turn to D’best Fatmawati and head down to Nav-Nav. Gani never been to a karaoke place in Jakarta before either. We had a blast!!! Sang all the Indo songs like Lelaki Buaya Darat, Goyang Dombret – Java version, SMS and Gani sang Gebyar – Gebyar. HAHAHA it was PRICELESS!!!




We sang for three hours and I drove them home. Along the way I saw a lot of homeless and beggars along Fatmawati Road and I felt so sad and grateful at the same time. I felt sad and sick in my stomach seeing the disparity between the haves and don’t haves. I’m also grateful that I’m not short of money and I have a great family who’ll help me out no matter what.

During Hari Raya, I see more and more beggars and homeless along the street. I try to help out as much as I can, whenever I can through trusted channels or just handing out Rp1000,- to beggars on the street. I realized giving money won’t help them in a long run, but it’s a start, I hope Indonesia will get better and will have some sort of channels that will help them to gain skills so that they can work for a living.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya y’all! Can hardly wait!!!