WOOT WOOT, i had a busy weekend!

Vords of Visdom

I went to walas on Friday for a party committee meeting. The party is next saturday. it’s gonna be smashing! The theme is: Welcome back to the 80s. It’s an extension of our Red rum Party from 2 years ago, which i didn’t go to cos I went back to Indo… so I can’t wait!!! Planned what I’m going to wear… PUNK ASS CHICK! hahaha cos hiphop is what i’m wearin everyday so I better spice it up! We thought about everything, the props, food, games, music and of coz… THE DRINKS… 🙂

I must give it up to us, we really are organized! I hope everyone will dress up and go CRUAWZYYY!


Jeff is back, I’m so happy to see my gurr happy. You’re glowing hon and you look GOOD! har har har, the hair… fabolous!!!

A lil bit tipsy that night… just enough to make me go straight to bed.

We only went upstairs to watch EIC on their last set, it was packed cos Jack is back, they played MUCH BETTER than last week!

wala-0010.jpg wala-0009.jpg


Then I went back to my “domestic goddess” mode on saturday, invited my ex colleagues for dinner. I was cooking since like 11 am all the way to 7 pm. Dang, my feet were killing me. standing for 8 hours, but it was worth it… thanks to the satisfied look of my peeps when they ate the food:)

Had lots of laughs! I miss them so much!!! The office hasn’t been the same without them… but you just got to do what you have to do in life. But I’m happy to see that we all are happy with our own life. Gracie still happily editing her cool shows (I really admire her talent and creativity), Billy is “Cher” or “Mr Tan” which he still fails to acknowledge, I bet he’s the cutest “cher” in school:d; Laureen is busy with recitals, I can’t wait to see her perform! Farah is still as cute and shy:d hahaha… ACT CUTE IS IT!!! Sharon… sharon my belle, she brought her wedding pictures… gosh she’s so gorgeous! The most beautiful bride i’ve ever seen… her makeup looks so natural! kudos to her make up artist!

I cook my all time speciality: Ayam Goreng and Sambel, tried out cookin Nasi Uduk too, not bad for a first time attempt. And I cook Sop ayam with sausages and quail eggs, tahu goreng and perkedel plus kerupuk (die die must have when you eat Indo food) …. yummeh!

On Sunday, Me, Gani, Oggy and Keti test our ear sensitivity and dig out our Idol wannabe hidden-self by going KARAOKE! We heart singing sooooo much! KIKI AND TEDDY, wish you were there with us!
Four hours of no shame, think your voice is damn hot session is a good way to forget all your stress! Highly recommended!




Her Hips don’t lie

Vord of Visdom

This is the reason why Shakira’s hips are telling the truth!
DANG… if all women are born like that, this world will be so… much better… cos there will be no fighting… just people throwing their hips around and shakin’ em like there’s no tomorrow