It’s just another manic monday

Vords of Visdom

The Bangles sure knows how to write a song about Mondays:d I have to write 3 scripts for my upcoming shoot. than god it’s not so complicated. Going to be a busy week y’all, but afraid not, because I the socialite already have a few “outings” that I wanna attend.

To brighten up everybody’s day, I wanna share this write-up from an unknown author about L.O.V.E… I got it from someone else’s blog and it was written in Bahasa Indonesia. I had translated and asked Sol to beautify the language. God bless Sol. She knows what L.O.V.E really means!

To me, Love is actually very simple, it is society and Us that make it really complicated:)


Pernahkah Kamu….

Have you ever…

Pernahkah kamu merasakan, bahwa kamu mencintai seseorang, meski kamu tahu ia tak sendiri lagi, dan meski kamu tahu cintamu mungkin tak berbalas, tapi kamu tetap mencintainya.

Have you ever loved anyone, even though you know she belongs to someone else and will never return your love? And you still love her anyway?

Pernahkah kamu merasakan, bahwa kamu sanggup melakukan apa saja demi seseorang yang kamu cintai, meski kamu tahu ia takkan pernah peduli ataupun ia peduli dan mengerti, tapi ia tetap pergi.

Have you ever felt that you could give her the world, even though you know she would never care for it and will still leave you.

Pernahkah kamu merasakan hebatnya cinta, tersenyum kala terluka, menangis kala bahagia, bersedih kala bersama, tertawa kala berpisah.

Have you ever felt the pang of love? Smiling when you are hurt, crying when you are happy, sad when you are together and laughing when you say goodbye?

Aku pernah……

I Have

Aku pernah tersenyum meski kuterluka karena kuyakin Tuhan tak menjadikannya untukku, Aku pernah menangis kala bahagia, karena kutakut kebahagiaan cinta ini akan sirna begitu saja.

I smiled because I know God does not make her for me. I cried because I was afraid this happiness would not last.

Aku pernah bersedih kala bersamanya, karena kutakut aku kan kehilangan dia suatu saat nanti, dan……

I was sad because I was afraid that one day, I will lose her… and

Aku juga pernah tertawa saat berpisah dengannya, karena sekali lagi, cinta tak harus memiliki dan Tuhan pasti telah menyiapkan cinta yang lain untukku.

I laughed when we went our own way because I know God has another love waiting for me.   

Aku tetap bisa mencintainya, meski ia tak dapat kurengkuh dalam pelukanku, karena memang cinta ada dalam jiwa, dan bukan ada dalam raga.

Love is from the soul, and even though I cannot hold her in my arms anymore, I still love her deeply.

Semua orang pasti pernah merasakan cinta.. baik dari orang tua… sahabat.. kekasih dan akhirnya pasangan hidupnya.

Everybody has experienced love, the love of parents, best friends, lovers and finally your soul mate.

Buat temenku yg sedang jatuh cinta.. selamat yah.. karena cinta itu sangat indah. Semoga kalian selalu berbahagia.

For my friends who are in love… Cherish it, enjoy it, celebrate it, because love is beautiful. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Buat temanku yg sedang terluka karena cinta…Hidup itu bagaikan roda yang terus berputar, satu saat akan berada di bawah dan hidup terasa begitu sulit, tetapi keadaan itu tidak untuk selamanya, bersabarlah dan berdoalah karena cinta yang lain akan datang dan menghampirimu.

For my friends who are hurt because of love… Life is like a cartwheel that is always turning. Sometimes you are on top, sometimes you are at the bottom. Be patient and rejoice the day when another love comes to sweep you off your feet.

Buat temanku yang tidak percaya akan cinta… buka hatimu jangan menutup mata akan keindahan yang ada di dunia maka cinta membuat hidupmu menjadi bahagia.

For my friends who don’t believe in love…Open your heart. Don’t close your eyes to all the beautiful things in the world. Only then, will love make you happy.

Buat temanku yang mendambakan cinta.. bersabarlah.. karena cinta yang indah tidak terjadi dalam sekejab.. Tuhan sedang mempersiapkan segala yang terbaik bagimu.

For my friends who wish for love… Be patient. Love does not come instantly. God is preparing all the greatest things for you..

Buat temanku yang mempermainkan cinta…. Sesuatu yang begitu murni dan tulus bukanlah untuk dipermainkan. Cinta bukan suatu kehampaan. Semoga kalian berhenti mempermainkan cinta dan mulai merasakan kebahagiaan yang seutuhnya.

For my friends who play with love…Appreciate the true meaning of love. Something so beautiful and pure is not something you play around with. Love is not to be trifled with.


The reality sinks in

Vords of Visdom

The reality sinks in today! I felt like shit the whole day and helpless, cos really there’s nothing I can do about it but to try and pick myself up and face whatever lies in the future for me. I have to live it day by day, Luckily I have good friends who have lend me their ears to listen, their wisdom to console and their hugs to keep me warm inside. Thanks people, you know who you are!

But I got the news that Britney and K-Fed are DUNZO!!! So I felt a lil’ bit better:) It’s about time, now I can put my “Divorce Kevin” campaign to rest:)

So I went to the gym and did a “new body” class. wise ass Jeff said, “you’re going to a new body class, what are you going to do with the old one!” yeah HA-HA… corny arse MoFo :d Basically New Body class is less cardio and more toning up your whole body. DANG my whole body is aching right now:) Unfortunately the usual new body instructor, Nicole, got boink with her second child, so a new philippino instructor took over the class. She’s not bad, but she’s no Nicole. This Nicole babe can really conduct a class, She does lots and lots of repetion, she makes you lift those dumbells so many times that you can feel part of your body burning! You can really feel it working out on your body! Man everytime the class ends, I always sweat more than when I do Kick Boxing. SHE’S THAT GOOD =)

After the class ends I suddenly feel like going for a movie. So I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning because… Jordanna Brewster stars in it. She’s just this cutest lil’ thing. I’m so totally into here ever since I saw her in D.E.B.S! hehehe She’s exotic, just like moi:) It’s a gory movie for sure, what do you expect! With the title like Chainsaw Massacre =) It basically shows how the massacre started, nothing special, just glorifying killing people and skin them when they’re alive… and after they’re dead so that he can use your perfect face to cover up his FUGLY MOFO face! SICK!!! But I enjoyed my solo movie going experience. I bought this HUGE popcorn (they named it medium, but it’s humongous) cos I was greedy, and could only finish half of it:)

chainsaw.jpg jordana-brewstercom.jpg

“I get weak”

Vords of Visdom

It’s almost been a week of fasting and I’m still feeling weak, better than the first few days though. I still cannot forced myself to and have a swim, I think I should cos otherwise I’m gonna continue feeling lethargic!

My mama is coming to town tonight! I’m so happy that she’s coming cos she sure going to bring lots and lots of Indo food… yummeh! 🙂

HUAAAAHHHH ngantug mampus… td pagi abis saur sengaja nyetrika2 baju dulu, biar rumah keliatan rapih dikit di mata nyokap:d set dah kemaren aja abis saur gw langsung nyapu ngepel kamar and ruang tengah, abis itu langsung ngosek WC. dengan sukses ngantuk gw di kantor:d

Hmm should I swim at night or should I swim in the morning after saur, like around 645 am. karena kalo kurang dari itu masih gelap bo… syerem… kalo malem biasanya abis buka puasa bawaannya ngantuk juga… gk boleh dibiarin neh!!!

Musti gerakkkkkkkk kalau enggak ntar makin bengkaaakkk badan gw!!! bukan maen:)

Ow yeah I’ve bought my tickets back already… I can’t wait to see my friends again… Holla to ancurs ladies! jangan lupa latihan vokal dulu yah nek and banyak2 minum madu biar makin merdu suara lu! ntar kan pake score:d wakakakakaka.

Ok deh, it’s time to work now 😦 I hate  transcribing, but someone has to do it cos I ain’t got no PA…. 😦

Ciao beibehhhhh

Y’all think you’re all that? Read this!

I’m DA VIATCH, but sometimes you got to be humble you know, there are other people who are greater than me (f*#k em), hotter than me (S3c*3W em!) and smarter than me (those muthafacka)… shite am fasting, shouldn’t be swearin right:d RIGGHHHTTT!!!

anyway, take a look at this and think about it in two ways:

1. If you think you’re all that and “ya ya”, there are greater things in life than you!

2. If you see someone who is so boastful and think he/she all that, relax, they ain’t nuthin compare to Antares!!!



Last time in school, this is where it all stop… BUT THEN… I saw these!!!


It’s a big universe out there… maybe Tom Cruise’s scientology will make sense some day:d but not in my lifetime I hope!!!

SIANZZZ have to work this saturday

Vords of Visdom


I was sick yesterday, my whole body was aching… masuk angin bo!!! I did nuthin but sleepin and watch TV. cheeleng went back early and i asked her to help me by chickin’ to cook herby chickin soup… i sweat like there’s no tomorrow after eatin that soup… hell i always sweat when i eat anyway:d What can I say I’m Indonesian:d we sweat more when we eat compare to when we work:D HAR HAR HAR

Shizzz i have to work early in the morning this friday… like i have to be at work at 8 am for a shoot and same thing on saturday… I HATE WORKIN ON SATURDAY… BUT I can’t wait till our “back to the 80s” party on saturday night! I can’t wait to see what other people are wearin! i sure hope they dress up!

I’ll post the groovy pics for y’all

Got to go back to edit a video for a certain big mobile product. Luckily i like my client:d

“Ratu” Busyet!!!

Vords of Visdom

hehehe… girls from the band Ratu (go to Hiburan)
got a taste of Indo’s norms… Do you think that we all aint’ got no norms anymore? Do you think that the buzz of city live has erradicated our norms and ethics?

Do you give your seat to older people, pregnant ladies, people with little kids? (sometimes i don’t 😦 )Do you pretend to ignore the lil’ old lady who’s trying to sell tissues to you so that she can buy her dinner? (sometimes i do) Do you ignore your grandpa cos he rambles on and on about religion? (yes i do) Have i become an ignorant prick? I don’t know… but there are times when i am so consumed with myself, then i saw all these people who are less fortunate than me… then i took a step back… Shit man… what the fuck am i complaining about? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just be nicer to other people… =) Besides you are lucky in one way or another. Always look at the brightside baby… Mungkin akika emang orang jawa afterall, biar ketiban musibah gimana juga “masih untung…” Har Har Har. But that’s not bad at all you know, it helps you to look at things in different perspectives and not concentrate on the bad sight of things:d

In my line of work, I need to think this way, cos Murphy’s law dude, whatever can go wrong… Will Go WRONG!

hehehe sometimes i’m not such a viatch afterall :d

WUUTTT Tom is FRIDAY People! time to let go and PARTEEEE


Vords of Visdom

Today am so not onz!!! I went for my kickboxing class last night and wacked all my negative energy:) But today am damn tired! But i’m going for gym again tonight… Love the relieve feeling everytime I finish my exercise regime… don’t know why… maybe i got lots of issues… go figure!

Another thing… going to shoot an interview today on Machinima and Machinimators… These guys are pretty big in the machinima world. Been studying their profile for the past two days… I must say it’s not my cup of tea… the only game genre I like is the one where I can kick butt like “taken”. I always choose the babe with the biggest boobs and tacky lines, like “go easy on me”. I’m trying to compensate what I’m lacking in real life… *the tacky lines:d Har Har Har

Brit just gave birth to another baby boy… Two Mini K-Feds… as if the “adult” version doesn’t give her a handfull already :d